When Craft Projects are Interrupted



The other day, I was in the middle of painting a truly beautiful clay pot. I had found it at a local thrift store, I’m not a clay person so I’m not sure what it’s made of, but the shape of it was just so unusual that I had to get it. The paint was chipped, so I decided to add a new coat to make the pot my own.  I was working intensely on a lefty green design, when my cell phone rang.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I hear a ringing phone, I have to answer it. I can’t just ignore it and go on with my work. Something deep down inside of me forces me to my feet and I always, no matter what the circumstances, make a mad dash for the phone.

So there I was, my hands covered in wet paint, rushing to answer my cell before it went to voicemail.  I flipped the phone open with my chin and pressed it against my ear with my wrist, trying to keep the device as free from paint as possible.  I didn’t check to see who it was.

Michelle’s voice cracks into my ear, ‘Whatcha doing? I’m boooored.”

Now I love Michelle as a sister, I really do.  But she can talk and talk and talk for HOURS.  I wanted to get back to my pot before my all my paint dried (gosh darn acrylics) on my new pot and brushes. Michelle doesn’t do crafts, so explaining her I’m in the middle of a project really wouldn’t mean anything to her.

The sad thing is, this happens all the time. If it’s not Michelle, it’s another friend,  or my mom, or my boyfriend. It’s always someone calling right when I’m in the middle of crafting.   While I do enjoy a good phone conversation from time to time, sometimes, I just got to go.

This morning I found a solution for my problem: sorrygottago.com.

This website offers a variety of different sound bytes to get you out of a never-ending phone conversation. From a ringing doorbell to a baby crying, a dog barking to the sound of the police arriving, these guys have excuses on top of their excuses to get you off the phone and back to crafting. And while it might be a little bit mean, we all got to go sometimes, right?

Unfortunately, I found this website this morning, and therefore it was no help in my conversation with Michelle. 42 minutes later, my paint was hard on my brushes, and I had to completely redo my design on the clay pot. Oh well, maybe next time…





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    This is too funny and I can totally relate. I love the special people in my life but sometimes when the phone rings I just go arrgghh. Don’t they know I’m making jewelry, banging out some metal, or otherwise in the artistic zone??

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