Top Eleven Ways to Go Green with Your Handmade Crafts

Some crafters enjoy up-cycling with their projects, which involves taking one item and turning into something of much greater value. This former Tonner Tyler doll has been completely redone to create this one-of-a-kind handmade creation. Click here to see the item for sale on

Crafts generally help the environment as they encourage artists to make their own handmade items instead of buying factory produced goods. Factory products are damaging to the earth in many ways, as the factories themselves often create massive quantities of pollution, and the products they generate are generally transported thousands of miles to buyers, which wastes precious energy. When crafters choose to create products and sell them locally, they give customers the opportunity to buy handmade goods instead of buying manufactured goods.

But sometimes artists want to do more with their hobby. They’re interested in making an eco-friendly impact with their craft goods.  Of course, not everyone is sure where to start taking steps to go green, but we can help.

A list of Eleven Ways to Go Green with Your Crafts has now been uploaded to as part of the Interactive List Feature.  This list is stuffed full of delightful tips and advice to help crafters make an environmental impact. If this post is useful to you, please don’t hesitate to share it with other members of the internet community! This list and the ones to follow are absolutely free and designed to inform artisans about crafting, managing a home business, and going green. We’ll be uploading a new list almost every day, so make sure you check back for often for new tips and top ten lists!

Read the Top Eleven Ways to Go Green With Your Crafts!


Keep on creating artisans, and remember to always buy handmade!



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    everfixedmark said,

    Hey there!
    I think your post on how to Go Green with your crafts is a great thing to put out there for readers. There are so many ways to help the environment, sometimes it can seem mind boggling. Finding a specific way to help, in a specific area is a great way to start Going Green without being intimidated! I have a blog about helping the environment, and I love seeing other people putting the word out there too. Awesome job!
    J. Westerland

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