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California Academy of Sciences Opens as The Greenest Museum in the World

Last week we discussed the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s new green expansion. The eco-friendly addition to the century old museum made it the greenest in New York City. Well today, we’re going to talk about what is known as the greenest museum in the world.

The recently rebuilt California Academy of Sciences opened last weekend in San Francisco, reports to National Public Radio. Located in the hills of Golden Gate Park, the museum is made up primarily of recycled or organic materials. From the roof garden to the recycled blue jean insulation, the academy is said to be the greenest museum in ever built.

According to Italian architect Renzo Piano, the new museum is meant to serve three purposes: display, education and research. When the original Academy of Sciences building was damaged by the 1989 earthquake, the institution had the opportunity to get rid of the old fashioned exhibitions and displays. Piano designed the museum to be completely different from the museums of old, with no dark corridors and dusty dioramas.

Instead, the walls are made almost completely of glass, so it is possible to see into all areas of the museum at one time.  The roof garden, consisting of entirely native plants, helps moderate the overall temperature of the museum.  Skylights and solar panels offer lighting to the academy while letting in and out in warm or cool air. 

The Academy of Sciences’ overall goal is meant to encourage visitors to take better care of the natural world by showing them its beauty. To that end, the museum is teeming with life.

So if you’re in the San Francisco area, check out the greenest museum in the world!

For more information on the new green California Academy of Science, click here.


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