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Artfire’s $7/Month Stimulus Package

etsy-artfire-comparison-chartWe’re launching an “Artisan Stimulus Package” and we want all business-minded crafters to be a part of it. Times are tough, and here at we’re looking for any chance we have to help the handmade artists of the world. That is why the next 5,000 users to sign up or upgrade to a Verified Artisan seller’s account on Artfire will be given a special discount: only a $7 monthly fee for the rest of their life.

Artfire is an online craft marketplace, full of eager art business owners looking to profit from their handmade goods. We have two membership levels, basic and verified. Basic members can list up to ten items at any time for completely free. There are no fees at this membership level, no sign up fees, no listing fees, no final evaluation fee, no fees at all!

But some artists want a whole lot more than 10 listings at a time. They want more interactive features, and full functionality of their artisan studio. For these members, we have the Verified Artisan membership level. Normally, Verified Artisans on Artfire would pay $20 a month to access all the cool features, including shop customization, studio statistics, blogs, forums, guilds, unlimited listing space, and so much more. But we’re offering it to you now for only $7 a month. That’s less than $0.23 a day, and you have full access to all functions of

There’s really no catch here. This deal lasts as long as you want. Artisans can cancel their account with us anytime. There are no upfront fees or hidden fees, just $7 a month for the rest of your stay here on Artfire. You get access to all of the same features Verified Artisans normally enjoy. But once those 5,000 members have signed up, the deal is over, and I can’t guarantee we’ll ever have a special like this again. So hurry and take advantage of this offer while there’s still time!

Please click here to learn more about the Artisan Stimulus Package.

Remember to buy handmade this holiday season!




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Three Tips to Running a Green Business

Managing a green crafts business can be good for both the planet and for your wallet. Listed below are 3 easy moves that will help turn your artisan business into an eco-friendly one without forcing you to change your working style.

Shut off your electric equipment when you’re not using it. Countless fax machines, copiers, and personal computers remain powered on overnight around the world. Turning off your electrics when you’re finished working can help cut your energy use by 50%.

Recycle your paper. Most businesses throw out old printer paper by the masses on a daily basis—don’t make the same mistake! While some papers hold sensitive material, most of the waste generated is just ordinary paper. Try tossing old documents into the recycling can rather than the trash can whenever you can. If recycling isn’t possible for your home business, try double siding documents to save what paper you can.

Buy paper made from recycled materials. It is just as good as ordinary copy paper, and it is more environmentally friendly. Sure, it may look a little different, but since most documents you print will be used for business filing, who cares what color that paper is?

I hope these tips have helped you to run your artisan business the green way! For more information on going green, be sure to check out Art Daily’s Green Wise section for updates on green living.

Happy crafting, and remember to buy handmade!


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Remember Safety First This Halloween

So you’ve added the finishing touches on your children’s handmade Halloween outfits, you’ve put out the healthy Halloween treats for visitors, so what else do you need to do to make sure your family has a happy Halloween this year? Most parents know better than to let their children treat-or-trick alone or eat unusual candy, but in the rush of the holiday, people usually overlook a few significant safety precautions. Listed below is some helpful advice for a fun and safe Halloween with your family this year.

1. You and the kids should eat a complete dinner before going out trick-or-treating. This way you and your children will be less likely to pig out on candy. You’ll also need your stamina for showing off your cute artistic costumes to the neighborhood, and a full meal can provide you with the energy you need.

2. Make sure you and your kids wear particular shoes. Trick-or-treating generally allows for a lot of as you parade from home to home. And while sneakers might not go with your specially made costume, you’ll thank yourself for choosing comfortable footwear as the night progresses. Save the six inch witches’ boots for the costume party, wear something reasonable on your feet.

3. If your pet is going out with you (perhaps even wearing his or her own handmade Halloween outfit), make sure that they are on their lease at all times. While your pet may be used to running freely about, on Halloween night there’s probably going to be lots of other animals and people out trick-or-treating that your pet is doesn’t know. This can result in your pet getting frightened and responding in uncontrollable ways (running away, getting aggressive with another pet). So please keep in mind that even if your animal is the nicest, kindest soul to ever grace the earth, for your pet’s own well-being and the well-being of others, use a lease!

4. Always walk with your kids from house to house—don’t let them run. Children can get overly excited on this sugar-filled holiday, causing them to run around carelessly. This can result in them bumping into objects, falling down, or getting involved in other accidents (especially when it’s dark out). Make sure they remain near you and always on the sidewalk. Don’t cut across lawns or driveways, which are often poorly lit at night.

I hope you found these tips to be useful! Thanks for reading, and remember to buy handmade this season to support local artists!

Click here to see the fun holiday crafts ArtFire members have made.


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