Mom’s Advice to Business: the Baker’s Dozen

Tony, like everyone else, didn’t always listen to his mother. Moms generally mean well, but we can’t follow every piece of advice they give us. So few of us live the healthy and well-mannered existence our moms envisioned for us. We don’t have time for an apple a day and chicken soap when we’re sick. But with medical and scientific findings proving the beneficial properties of these tidbits of advice, one can only ask, what else was mom right about?

For Tony, his mom was able to offer some very important advice which he has used throughout his career.

“I spent 40 grand getting my MBA, when I should have just listened to my mom,” said Tony.

Tony now works as the Executive Vice President of Marketing for In the past, he’s worked as a sales coach, managed Six Sigma projects, and even helped run a $60 million business.

“Everything I needed to know about business, I learned from my mom,” he explained. “She understood the importance of basic human communication in the business world better than anyone else.”

Tony’s mom got her degree in journalism, and has worked as a kindergarten and music teacher for years. So how does this make her qualified to give business advice? Well it doesn’t. But she never gave him advice about business specifically, but about life in general, and by translating her wisdom to the business world Tony was able to forge a successful career.

“If more people listened to their moms, we wouldn’t be in the crisis we are now,” he said.

To help share his success with others, Tony has formed a list of helpful insights he has gained from his mother’s knowledge. This top 13 or “baker’s dozen” business tips has been posted on ArtFire, to help business minded crafters flourish on the artisan trading site. This list is completely free to members and non-members, and open to anyone with an internet connection. We encourage all who read and learn from this baker’s dozen to share it with their friends and family members over the World Wide Web. Post it on Reddit, Digg it, or Stumble it and spread the word to small business owners everywhere!

Click here to read the Baker’s Dozen, Mom’s Advice to Business!


Keep crafting artisans, and remember to always buy handmade!


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