How to Make Your Own Handmade Crafts

Handmade Baby Doll Pillows

Often times, small strips of fine fabric remain leftover after sewing projects. These strips seem too precious, so lovely, that you can’t seem to just throw them away the cloth. But at the same time, you can’t find anything useful to do with them. And so they sit in your sewing box, idly waiting for you to find some purpose for them.

My mom is rather skilled with her needlecraft, and she finds herself in this situation all the time. As a solution to this dilemma, she uses the small precious strips of fabric to make cute doll pillows for her niece’s dollhouse. With a little bit of cotton, some leftover cloth, and a spot of lace, she makes some truly darling handmade doll pillows. And with the fast and fun guide posted below, you too make wonderful handmade pillows that any child (or adult) will simply love!


From your scrap cloth bin, pick out some fine leftover fabric. I like to use crushed velvet, but you can use whatever you appeals to you most. Fleet or rough cloth makes for good punk or craftsy pillows, while patterned materials can make your fancy pillows. Make sure you have enough cloth to form two 2 inch squares (give or take on the measurements, depending on how big you want your pillow to be).


Begin by stitching your two fabric squares together with matching thread. Try to keep your stitches small, especially if you want your pillow to look professional. Be careful to leave one side of your pillow open.


Using a pencil or your finger, flip the doll pillow inside out. This will help hide the stitching and give your pillow an elegant look. Be sure to flip all of the small corners. Using a little bunch of cotton (or any other pillow stuffing you prefer), fill the insides of your pillow until it is packed full. Next, stitch the open side of the pillow tightly closed, taking all means necessary to hide your thread.


Add decoration such as lace, buttons, ribbons, or other accessories to your pillow. Place in a doll house, family play, or anywhere for a cute ornament. You now have a darling handmade pillow for play or decoration!


Be a part of the Buy Handmade Revolution and support local artists!


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