Current Trends in the Craft Market

In recent months, arts and crafts have received a surge of popularity in the marketplace. More and more people are searching for items that are individualized and one-of-a-kind.  Any business minded artisan knows that to keep sales coming in, one must be aware of what is trendy. Of course, trends change as customers’ tastes change, so it is important to stay on top of what is hip and in fashion to be successful.

Crafts are starting to look less homemade and more professional. The rough look is out while the high quality look is in. People want items that reflect talent and skill. The modern look is hot right now, meaning cleaner designs. Simple yet elegant items that are both unique and functional are quickly gaining popularity.


Beading embellishments are in this year as they offer a way to customize most any item, whether it’s furniture, clothing, purses, cloth books, accessories, or jewelry.  Think intricate, colorful designs. Beads are catching customers’ eyes, and they like what they see.


According to the National Crafts Association, quilting is gaining ground not as a craft but as an art form. Complex patterns are hip along with new yarns and fibers. Quilting and sewing are becoming popular not as a clothing type, but as home décor. Wall hangings done in abstract patterns are especially hot this year.

Mixed Media/Recycled Art

Collages, altered photographs and experimental art is receiving praise in the art community and selling for big bucks. Using different materials and even non-traditional art supplies is all the rage. People want something that is different. Mixed media artwork combines art with crafting, and its popularity is expected to skyrocket in the following months.

Metal Crafts

Metal artwork of all kinds is quite stylish right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s sculptures, vases, or mirrors. If it looks modern and different, everyone is going to want a piece of it.

Paper Arts

Scrapbooking continues to be successful in the crafting world, so scrapbooking supplies are flying off the shelves. Handmade greeting cards are also well-liked so long as they show attention to detail and style.


Artwork which expresses environmental or social concerns is tremendously fashionable right now. As is furniture or decorative art that can be displayed indoors. Think warmer, earthy colors.  Popular crafts have a lot browns, tans, grays, greens, blues and reds.  These colors are muted rather than bright and often found in natural settings, like dirt, moss, trees, and rocks.

People are after something that defines them.  They want art that is new and different that only they possess.  Simply giving your artwork feeling and emotion can cause a spike in sales. ButiIf you feel your craft items aren’t selling as well as they should be, try creating something that fits with current trends. Remember, customer likes and dislikes determine what is trendy, so if you work for the customer and keep him or her happy, you’ll end up making the trends rather than struggling to keep up with them.


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