ArtFire’s Art Daily is been Published!

After much re-skinning and de-bugging, ArtFire’s newsletter, the Art Daily, is now live. Art Daily is a kind of super blog, with articles from the ArtFire team as well as from contributing ArtFire members. This content is 100% free to everyone on the web, and designed to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Currently, Art Daily has eight different sections, updated continuously. Users are encouraged to submit articles for publication in six of these sections. Those sections are:

The Main Feature – these articles concern important events and news in the art world. This is our longest section, and therefore receives the most attention. Craft fair news? Art book reviews? Looking to share new trends in the marketplace? Post them here! We’ll also publish information about new site features and interviews we with our members in this sections.

Inspirational – in this section readers will find stories about the personal lives and experiences of members. Every artisan has his/her own story to tell, and we what to share that story with the community so that others will feel inspired. We encourage all members to submit their life stories for others to learn from there. We also post news about art shows, galleries, and non-ArtFire artists here.

Business Tips –being a successful business owner doesn’t come easily, and for that reason we offer business advice to help our artisans in their craft business. This advice is specially designed for the artisan marketplace, and much of it is written by successful sellers from our site. Be sure to check it out, you never know when you might learn something new!

Green Wise –here we’ll post articles relating to environmental news. This includes information on going green, crafting eco-friendly products, and environmental news from around the world. As a green website, we wish to promote awareness about environmental concerns, and help change the world for the better!

Crafts and Techniques –looking for a new craft idea? Look no further! Our artisans have some of the best craft tutorials prefect for artisans of skill levels. Currently we’re featuring Halloween and family crafts, but we intend to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas as fall progresses.

Members Board – this is kind of a miscellaneous section for member submissions. Got an article that doesn’t fit in any of that other categories, but is nonetheless of interest to ArtFire members? Post it here! Whether you’re looking for childcare tips or ideas for breaking “artist’s block” this is the place to be! This area is solely devoted member generated content, so members get to decide what to publish.

There are also a few sections which are written only by the ArtFire team. These sections relate to site news and updates directly related to members.

ArtFire News—here readers will learn about new features or receive tips on using old ones! This is kind of a “how-to” section of the newsletter, and full of useful information all ArtFire members should have access too.

Item of the Day –check out the hottest products ArtFire has to offer in this section of Art Daily! These items are handpicked by the ArtFire team for quality and style, and sure to catch any handmade buyer’s eyes.

With so many different sections, Art Daily has something for everyone. Be sure to check out our first edition, freshly published this morning!

If you’re an ArtFire member and would like to submit an article to Art Daily, please email:

Have a great day everyone, and remember to buy handmade!



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