Artfire’s $7/Month Stimulus Package

etsy-artfire-comparison-chartWe’re launching an “Artisan Stimulus Package” and we want all business-minded crafters to be a part of it. Times are tough, and here at we’re looking for any chance we have to help the handmade artists of the world. That is why the next 5,000 users to sign up or upgrade to a Verified Artisan seller’s account on Artfire will be given a special discount: only a $7 monthly fee for the rest of their life.

Artfire is an online craft marketplace, full of eager art business owners looking to profit from their handmade goods. We have two membership levels, basic and verified. Basic members can list up to ten items at any time for completely free. There are no fees at this membership level, no sign up fees, no listing fees, no final evaluation fee, no fees at all!

But some artists want a whole lot more than 10 listings at a time. They want more interactive features, and full functionality of their artisan studio. For these members, we have the Verified Artisan membership level. Normally, Verified Artisans on Artfire would pay $20 a month to access all the cool features, including shop customization, studio statistics, blogs, forums, guilds, unlimited listing space, and so much more. But we’re offering it to you now for only $7 a month. That’s less than $0.23 a day, and you have full access to all functions of

There’s really no catch here. This deal lasts as long as you want. Artisans can cancel their account with us anytime. There are no upfront fees or hidden fees, just $7 a month for the rest of your stay here on Artfire. You get access to all of the same features Verified Artisans normally enjoy. But once those 5,000 members have signed up, the deal is over, and I can’t guarantee we’ll ever have a special like this again. So hurry and take advantage of this offer while there’s still time!

Please click here to learn more about the Artisan Stimulus Package.

Remember to buy handmade this holiday season!




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