Handmade Pet Costume:Tips and Advice

Costumes for your pet can be a fun addition to any Halloween, but owners know that store bought animal outfits tend to be pricey and low quality. Luckily, pet costumes can be made at home, either from scratch (for those who are more talented with needle crafts) or adapted from other outfits.

Starting Out

If you’re not an expert with a sewing machine, never fear. Just because you’re hand-crafting your animal’s costume doesn’t mean you need to start with nothing. Depending on the size of your pet, you can start with a child or baby’s costume (easily found at your local thrift store) and rework it to fit your animal. If not, you can try finding a pattern online for a pet outfit.

Take Measurements

Remember that a child’s body shape is very different from an animal’s. No matter what the size of your pet or the costume, you’ll have to take measurements on your pet and do minor changes to the outfit. The Best way to do this is to test your costume on your pet as you add changes.

Remember Safety First

Always keep in mind your pet’s overall happiness as you work. Make sure that the costume isn’t too tight, and allows for easy breathing through your pet’s mouth and the nose. Make sure your pet has easy control of his/her legs, head, and tail. The outfit should be easy to put on as well as take off. Remember, if you dress your pet in an uncomfortable costume, he/she will try to escape it. Also, consider your pet’s personal needs. If your pet needs to go to the bathroom while wearing the costume, will he/she be able to?

Possible Costume Ideas

Dogs tend to be easiest to dress, but with some encouragement feline companions can also wear theme appropriate costumes. If your animal is not used to wearing clothing, you might want to go with something simple. Maybe a crimson vampire cape, a bow-tie, or a Frankenstein collar.

If you plan on taking your pet trick or treating, you could try making matching or themed outfits for both of you. This year, try going as a couple of rednecks, or a group of witches. Since you’re crafting the costume yourself, you can let your imagination run wild!

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    Buddies said,

    I’m not comfortable with the idea of dressing up dogs – but if you want to (I know this is a grwing trend) keep it simple and comfortable.

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