Solar Power from the Sahara

To combat growing energy concerns, researchers from the European Union are taking steps to unitize renewable energy sources more than 1,000 miles away.

Scientists are preparing for a High Voltage Direct Current line grid to import solar energy from the Saharan Desert. Plans are underway to construct solar farms across the desert, reports the Common Dreams News Center. Engineers speculate that just 0.3% of the intense sunlight hitting the Sahara daily would be able to power all of Europe for a year.

Other types of renewable energy would also be imported. Wind energy would be brought from Denmark to neighboring nations, while geothermal energy would be carried from Iceland. However, such energy would only be available at times when production exceeds the demand from those countries.

The project is still in planning and likely run up to €450 billion in cost. It would help Europe to fulfill its own promise to generate 20% of its total energy from renewable sources by 2020. The EU estimates that the gridline from the Sahara could produce 100 GW of power by 2050, which is more than all the current renewable energy sources could generate combined.

To learn more about Europe’s Green Energy plans, click here.

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