When You Have a Choice, Choose Handmade

As corporations grow more and more powerful in the global marketplace, small business owners suffer. Fewer and fewer people are choosing local sellers over international companies. Because of this, more and more local sellers have to close down their businesses and pursue other means of employment.  As individuals, they are just unable to compete with the selection and prices of big organizations.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. As a shopper, you still have a choice where you put your money. You can choose to buy from global businesses and have your money go overseas, or you can buy from local sellers and help the economy at home. It is up to you.  When you choose to buy handmade products crafted by members of your community, you are in turn helping your community to grow.  

Buying handmade also ensures that you will receive a unique one-of-a-kind product.  Handicrafts are not mass produced, therefore each one of them is different from the rest. Why buy something that was made in bulk thousands of miles away when you can buy a specially made item here at home? When you decide to favor local artisans over international businesses, you are helping support the arts. Buying directly from the seller helps that artisan as an individual, giving him or her  opportunity to prosper.  So when you have a choice, choose handmade.


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