is Now Faster than Ever Before!

Good Day Crafters,

We are now up and running on brand spanking new servers. This means Art Fire is faster than ever before!  We now have faster uploading, navigation, and downloading. We can handle much more traffic, with room to grow as more members join. Everything many still look familiar on—but you can feel the difference on the front page.  

Our programmers were up late into the night, working hard to convert the old site onto the new equipment. We installed new servers to better improve your Art Fire experience. No one likes a slow website, and we wanted you to be able to smoothly browse our site, without delays or difficulty.

These new servers will also guarantee little to no downtime on (unlike some trading sites, who’s servers seem to go down ALL THE TIME). We’ve installed racks and mounts on the servers so if there is a hardware problem, we will be able to fix it without closing the site. This means sellers have their items displayed all time, while buyers get access to a 24 hour virtual store filled with handmade goods.

So hurry down to now to check out our new and improved servers!



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