Hurry and Celebrate OneWebDay!

Happy OneWebDay!

September 22 marks the annual celebration of OneWebDay! Founded in 2006, OneWebDay is designed to encourage people around the globe to express how the internet has changed their lives.

The holiday was created by Susan Crawford, who after two years of campaigning about OneWebDay, is still traveling to different cities to get people involved and organized.  With her hard work, OneWebDay inc. has gained 501(c)(3) nonprofit  status, with holiday events held in England, Australia, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Singapore and Tunisia.

Artisan home business owners should understand more than anyone the goal behind OneWebDay. The internet offers crafters different marketplaces and venues to sell their handmade items.  Without the internet, many home business owners’ lives would be dramatically different. Without trading sites like Art Fire, artisans would be limited by their geographical location. They wouldn’t have access to the sea of buyers surfing the internet, not to mention the fellow artisans and online tutorials.

Think of all the ways the internet has helped your crafting skills and business. Today is about appreciating this new technology and making use of it. So get on and take full advantage of what the world wide web has to offer!




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