Art Fire’s ArtiFact Feature

Have you ever felt anonymous on the internet? Like you are just another screen name in a sea of links, unseen and unnoticed by other browsers?

This namelessness is one of the features of the World Wide Web. Users are generally invisible, able to surf without being seen by others. Many people do not always want to remain unseen, especially when it comes to trading and interacting online. They want to distinguish themselves as unique individuals who stand apart from the masses.

That’s why we at are working up a new community feature to show off the unique qualities of our members.  ArtiFacts will be graphic representations of activities Art Fire artisans engage in, services they perform or groups to which they belong.  They will show contributions members have made to the site, each other, or to the greater good.

ArtiFacts will be available to both buyers and sellers. They will be placed on profiles and shops to let other community members know what kind of a person that user is. They will give shops or profiles more personality and depth. 

ArtiFacts are available in many different varieties. Artisans who decide to mentor new Art Fire members can receive a Fire Mentor ArtiFact.   Buyers who have purchased more than $500 in handmade goods on Art Fire can receive an Aficionado ArtiFact. Members who write for Art Daily can receive a Contributor ArtiFact to display. With more than 16 different ArtiFacts in the works, we will have something for every kind of member!

For more information on our new ArtiFacts feature, please visit the ArtiFacts Page. Of course, we’re always looking for new ideas. If you can think of an ArtiFact not listed on the page, please feel free to email us your thoughts and feedback to:  




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