The First Publication of Art Daily

As of 7:49 this morning, the first edition of Art Daily has been posted on Art! Go now and check it out, as this is just a taste of things to come.

Art Daily is Art Fire’s seven-day-a-week newsletter available to everyone who has access to a computer. It consists of eight sections, all of which are to be updated daily. All articles are related to the arts, Art Fire, or environmental issues.

The first section of Art Daily is Art Fire News.  In this section, we post new features on the site to further educate members.  Next comes the Green Wise section, which has environmental stories and green tips.  After that is the Crafts and Techniques section, where we post craft ideas and tips.  There’s also a Member’s Board, where we present articles our readers send in that don’t necessarily fit in the other sections.  In the Business Tips piece we offer arts and crafts business advice for artisans looking to sell their work.

At the heart of Art Daily is the Main Feature.  For this, we’ll write about news that affects the arts and crafts population. This could mean a special art show, growing trends in the marketplace, or complex new features on Art Fire. After that there’s the Inspirational Arts, where you’ll find inspiring stories circulating in the art world.   Lastly, in the Item of the Day section, we will advertise one of our members’ handmade items listed on Art Fire, specially picked by our Art Fire team for style and talent.

This Art Daily publication will run unto October, when we will start posting new editions every day. The first edition will show members what kind of newsletter Art Daily is. It will also serve as an example of what kind of content we’re looking for, should users wish to contribute. We’re always looking for crafters with clever insight, and would love to hear back from readers.  If you have something to submit to one of Art Daily’s sections, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

We’re also searching for Verified Artisans on Art Fire to function as columnists. Unlike contributors, columnists would have their work posted in a unique section of Art Daily, where they could freely blog about their everyday crafting experiences. Working as a columnist can help drive more traffic to a member’s shop, as well as offer a way to share artisan knowledge with the Art Fire community.

To become a columnist or a contributor, please email:


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