Ancient Artists

I stumble into the office, blinded by the intense sunlight and general disorientation which comes with mornings. Most of the building is still dark, as the customer service and inventory workers have yet to make their appearance. Like usual, the Art Fire office shines like a beacon amongst the empty cubicles.

 Before coffee before stretching before I can even sit down, Tony asks, “Hey, did you know you can get your DNA scanned for only $399?”

I pause.  No, I didn’t know that.

That does seem like a lot of money for just one test.  But then again, just think of all the information pulsing through your veins. Hundreds of years of ancestry at your fingertips (or maybe I should say in your fingertips) just a pinprick away.

$399, and you have the opportunity to explore your entire family history, sketching back across generations.  Just imagine. Farm reindeer with the Norsemen, play didgeridoos with the Aborigines, weave baskets with the Maya. Looking for inspiration? Look no further your own genetic code.

Genome testing has been gradually dropping in price. Last year, you could end up paying more than $1,500 for a DNA test. Earlier this year the price fell to $900, and now, Google-backed 23andMe is offering tests for just $399.

It’s mind boggling to think of how far we’ve come.  From cave painting to the polished handmade items posted on  Your ancestors invented crafts as we know it, giving artisans of our day the necessary skills and insight to make everyday objects into works of art. 

So artisans, let this information inspire you. Take a minute to consider your roots and origins. Think of your ancestors, who were crafters by nature.  Think of the cave paintings linking you to the first people, and feel the ancient artist inside you rise up and start crafting!



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