Star Trek’s Birthday

42 years ago, on September 8, 1966, audiences across America tuned in to watch the starship Enterprise boldly go where no man (later changed to no one to incorporate the ladies of the future) had gone before.  Unsuspecting viewers were thrown into a world of spandex and tasers, spaceships, and hostile alien planets.

Spandex jump suits and sexy aliens set the stage for generations of fans all seeking the unknown.  It birthed a new science fiction subculture, complete with special languages, secret clubs, and fan created storylines.

Despite the uniqueness and style surrounding these original episodes, Star Trek was canceled due to low ratting just three years after its release. Low ratings. Hard to believe now, when those original episodes spawned decades of Star Trek series, movies, video games, and animated cartoons.

To celebrate the premiere of a series which has touched people of all ages,  my boss challenged me to find some Star Trek Arts and Crafts online. Although I initially doubted the likelihood of their existence, within five seconds of typing into Google image search, I was starring up Warf pin dolls and Spock handmade aprons.  This goes to show that artisans will craft anything that inspires them—and Star Trek is no exception.

So if you make Star Trek arts and crafts, please, share your gift with the world. These crafts have been hidden and hard to find for too long. Post them for sale on today to remind crafters everywhere of the Trekker inside everyone of us! Hurry now, as we expect our handmade listing to multiple like Tribbles!


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