’s Free Scooter Program

Become a Top Recruiter on and get a Free Scooter.

Art Fire giving away a scooter every ninety days to the member who refers the most Verified Artisans in that time.   They need your help to grow community.  Tell your friends to sign up and enter your name under the referral section on the register page, and They’ll reward you with a chance to win a 150cc scooter.  

Your scooter is EPA and DOT approved to for street use, all you have to do is register with your local Department of Motor Vehicles.  Your scooter gets more than 80 miles to the gallon (bet you’ve never heard of a car that gets that), saving you money at the tank while saving the environment.

Your scooter comes with a 4 stroke 150cc engine and fully automatic transmission.  The comfortable perforated Nylon seats can fit up to two riders, and wouldn’t leave you with a numb behind.  The low profile10-13 inch tires offer a large contract surface, which can be extremely usefully for long rides (plus they look super cool!).


Scooters are equipped with enhanced headlights that have low beam and high beam functionality.  This means they’re are bigger and offer much more light angles than common moped headlights.  They even come with the possibility for electric or kick start, depending on which you want to use.


Your scooter will also help you out in traffic-congested areas.  No more traffic jams, simply navigate around angry drivers to your destination.  And did we mention it’s amazingly easy to find parking?

Recruit Artisans to Art Fire and earn a chance to walk away with a free, gas saving vehicle. It’s as simple as that. New members to Art Fire can pay you back with the ability to win an environmentally friendly vehicle. So get out there and spread the news about Art Fire, your free interactive trading community!

Click here to learn more about our free scooter contest.


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