Are You Ready For Art Fire?

After many long nights and massive amounts of caffeine is up and running.  We know you’ve been waiting patiently, and now that patience is going to pay off.  Now our bleary eyed programmers are anxiously awaiting your feedback.  The Art Fire community is your community.  Your feedback will drive the future direction of our site. So give us your feedback; let us know what you think.  But first, here’s some more about

So, what is Art Fire?

Art Fire is a free interactive artisan community.   Our purpose is to bring artisans and art buyers together.  Sign up is free, fast, and easy.  We only list handmade items crafted by creative artists eager to sell their work. Artisans get the opportunity to post and sell their items without being charged site fees.   Art lovers get direct contact with artists. Sellers name the prices, payment method, and shipping.  When you buy something off Art Fire, you’re buying directly from the artist and supporting handmade arts.

But Art Fire is so much more than just buying and selling.   Art Fire is a living community, a sea of creative thought.  We give you the opportunity to meet fellow artists or art lovers, get to know new people, make friends, and exchange ideas, and positively impact your world.

For every new member who signs up at Art Fire, we will plant a tree in an ecologically distressed region of your choosing.  You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home, or even your chair.   All you have to do is click, there’s no cost to you.   We fund the tree planting as a way of showing our commitment to creating a green artisan community.   Our goal is one million members in 24 months, that’s one million much needed trees for mother earth. Go here for more information about our Together We Grow program.

In addition to saving the planet, we also support artists.   In our daily newsletter, Art Daily, we offer business advice for increasing traffic, selling more items, and learning new ways to sell more.   This is serious, practical advice which is tailored directly to the art community.  

So go ahead, browse our craft selection.  Do some exploring, see what other artists are doing.  See firsthand what we’re all about, and then join our community.  While we still have some work to do, together we’re headed in the right direction.


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